Meet the team - Introducing Reagan

First up in our meet the team series we have Reagan!
Meet Reagan! As well as being one of the directors of our company, Reagan is also our Head Beekeeper!
Reagans main job is ensure the health and wellbeing of our bees is being looked after - something he takes incredible pride in šŸ
Reagan has been a commercial beekeeper for over 12 years now, with experience all around the world, including, Canada, the USA, Australia and of course New Zealand and is highly respected in the beekeeping community šŸÆ
Outside of our commercial beekeeping operation, you will also find Reagan getting stuck into his second passion - education! Whether its teaching ourĀ Beekeeping Courses, Beekeeping Experience days, running our host a hive packages for customersĀ or Bees in schools, he loves it all and his perfect blend of passion and patience makes him the best teacher!
When he doesn't have his head stuck in a beehive, Reagan enjoys getting stuck into the garden, especially when it comes to growing edible food, with over 100 fruit trees/shrubs in our urban backyard, you name it, he grows it!
Reagan also takes great pride in being a father to his two children Zoe (4) & Charlie (3) - his greatest passion of all!
If you see Reagan from The Little Honey Co out and about in the district, give him a wave, or stop for a yarn - he always has time for one of those! šŸ