Bees In Schools

Our "Into the Hive" and "Bee Educated" programmes offer unique opportunities for students to explore the world of bees both hands-on and in the classroom. Whether through the immersive beekeeping experience or the captivating live glass bee display, students will gain valuable knowledge, practical skills, and a deep appreciation for the vital role of bees. These programmes inspire environmental awareness, foster creativity, and empower students to become informed advocates for bee conservation.

Into The Hive Programme

The "Into the Hive" beekeeping programme is a hands-on, immersive experience that brings the fascinating world of bees directly to your school. By placing two beehives within the school grounds, we offer students the opportunity to embark on a journey through an entire beekeeping season. Under the guidance of experienced beekeepers, students will learn how to run and maintain a beehive, gaining practical skills and knowledge along the way. From setting up the hive to producing comb honey and jarred honey, students will actively participate in every step of the process. As a bonus, they will also have the chance to unleash their creativity by designing unique labels for the honey jars. The honey jars can then be packed and sold as a fundraiser for the school, providing a valuable learning experience that supports both environmental awareness and entrepreneurial skills.

Bee Educated Programme

Our "Bee Educated" programme offers an engaging and interactive classroom experience that brings the wonders of bees directly to your students. During this educational session, we provide a live glass bee display, carefully containing the bees to ensure their safety. This captivating display allows students to observe bees up close, witnessing their intricate social structure and behaviour. Additionally, we offer a range of educational resources, including informative presentations and hands-on activities, designed to deepen students' understanding of bees, their crucial role as pollinators, and the importance of their conservation. Through "Bee Educated" students will develop a strong foundation of knowledge about bees and gain a greater appreciation for their vital contribution to our ecosystem.


At the core of our "Bees in Schools" programme lies a deeper meaning that goes beyond the immediate educational benefits.

We firmly believe that by educating the next generation about the crucial role of bees and pollinators in global seed and food production, we are sowing the seeds of sustainability for our future.

By imparting knowledge and fostering a deeper understanding of the interdependence between bees, pollinators, and our food system, we hope to inspire students to become advocates for these vital industries. We recognise that some of these students will go on to make significant contributions to the beekeeping and seed industry, ensuring its long-term sustainability and profitability for generations to come.

Without inspiring the next generation to actively engage with these industries, we run the risk of their collapse. By instilling a passion for beekeeping and seed production, we empower students to pursue careers and initiatives that contribute to the preservation and advancement of these essential sectors. Their involvement will be crucial in safeguarding the delicate balance of our ecosystems and ensuring food security for future generations.

Through the "Bees in Schools" programme, we are not only providing students with knowledge but also igniting a sense of purpose and responsibility. We aim to cultivate a generation of young individuals who recognise the significance of these industries and are motivated to take action to protect and enhance them.