Into The Hive - Online Hobbyist Beekeeping Course
Into The Hive - Online Hobbyist Beekeeping Course
Into The Hive - Online Hobbyist Beekeeping Course
Into The Hive - Online Hobbyist Beekeeping Course

Into The Hive - Online Hobbyist Beekeeping Course

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We are excited to be offering an easy to follow, fully comprehensive online beekeeping course. Learn everything you need to know to become a successful hobbyist beekeeper in your own home, at your own pace from anywhere in the world!

Whether you are brand new to beekeeping or you are looking to expand your knowledge and skillset, this course is perfect for you. The course will comprise of 25 comprehensive and easy to follow modules taking you through the entire season of beekeeping. Each module will include a detailed video taking you directly into the hive so that you can gain practical insight, theory based written information, and a multi choice quiz to ensure you are making the most of what you are learning!
Once you purchase the course you will also be invited to join our private support group on Facebook where you can connect with other hobbyist beekeepers as well as being able to seek ongoing support throughout your beekeeping journey, with all your questions being answered by our team of friendly and professional beekeepers.
Everything you need to know to successfully manage and maintain your own beehives, all conveniently located in once place with lifetime access!


Our online beekeeping course is filmed in NZ but suitable for anywhere in the world.

What's covered in the course?

Module 1 - Welcome Aboard
Module 2 - Hiveware & Equipment
Module 3 - Lighting A Smoker
Module 4 - Getting Started (Beehive Location)
Module 5 - Getting Started (What is a nucleus colony)
Module 6 - Getting Started (Transferring a nuc into a hive)
Module 7 - Bee Biology
Module 8 - Legal Requirements
Module 9 - First Spring Hive Check
Module 10 - Spring Disease Treatment
Module 11 - Finding The Queen
Module 12 - Splitting A Hive
Module 13 - Joining A Spring Split Back Together
Module 14 - Adding A Honey Super
Module 15 - General Disease Check
Module 16 - Honey Harvest (Escaping Honey)
Module 17 - Honey Harvest (Removing Escaped Honey)
Module 18 - Honey Harvest (Extracting Honey)
Module 19 - Avoiding Robbing
Module 20 - Feeding (Feeder Options)
Module 21 - Feeding (Mixing Sugar Syrup)
Module 22 - Feeding (Feeding The Hive)
Module 23 - Autumn Disease Treatments
Module 24 - Wintering Down Your Hive
Module 25 - Extra Tips & Tricks

    Once you purchase our online course you have unlimited and lifetime access to the content.

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